Nandu and Kenichi

These are the couples found on Captured. These are all current couples.

Found In ForksEdit

Cullens Carlisle Cullen and Danielle 

Esme Cullen and Steve

Jasper and Alice

Rosalie and Emmett

Bella and Edward

Archie and Betty

Celia and Darren

Renesmee and Jake

Nandu and Kenichi

Bridgette and Aidan

Lilliana and Dante

Madison and Dustin

Aeryn and Brandon


Lauren and Chris

Noel and Andy

Sophia and Sheamus

Grace and Brady

Konrad and Callie

Arwen and Konnor

Hotaru and Allen

Korra and Kenshi

Elizabeth and Donovan


Katie and Darien

Brady and Grace

Embry and Marie

Jared and Alison

Claire and Quil

Storm and Myra

Ethan and Kayla

Paul and Viktoria

Jacob and Renesmee

Sam and Emily

Ian and Carlyle

Zane and Carlyle

Dylan and Marissa

Kinsie and Hayden

Kevin and Andrea

Danika and Damion

Kenzie and Deon


Carmen and Eleazar

Kate and Garrett


Temperance and Drew

Lainey and Drew

Princess Hadleigh and Prince Ryan

Josef and Sophie

Liesel and Heath

David and Alicia

Victoria and Danny

Same-Sex Couples

Kody and Kyle

Clary and Mikayla

John and Liam

Raymond and Kaylor

Jason and Blake

Jeremy and Virgil

JImmy and Erik

Joey and Jinx

Mia and Lily

Levi and Jesse

Found In VolterraEdit

Monica and Dimitri

Aro and Aralie

Marcus and Morticia

Chase and Corin

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